This app manages to finish sudokus without breaking the 'chips'

This app manages to finish sudokus without breaking the ‘chips’

You only need the camera of the smartphone and augmented reality to solve it in less than a minute.

Artificial intelligence is already able to compose songs, write books and even win a game of chess. There are also applications that allow placing Ikea furniture and also guessing songs.

But, the developers have gone further, and the headaches that often give the most difficult sudokus is a small challenge for the smartest chips on the market. They just need a few pictures and a smartphone camera, that alone iPhone.

Thus Magic Sudoku works, which through ARKit, calculate the response of the sudokus and automatically fills in the blank squares. “The next release will bring much more features to people playing Sudokus,” reveals developer Brad Dwyer.

Its developer notes that the application uses several neural networks, including one that trained to find and read puzzles, but in reality, the solution to each problem involves an algorithm.

The app costs $ 0.99 and is only available for iOS devices. Although, some users have already reported several challenges when focusing the sudoku

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