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Merkel moves to fourth term in German legislatures

Except for a last-minute surprise, all the polls point to the victory of the conservative camp of Angela Merkel (34-36%), ahead of the Social-Democrats of Martin Schulz (21-22%),

Germany’s President Frank Walter Steinmeier has called for a mass appeal to the polls in Germany, where 61.5 million voters have to decide on the composition of the new Bundestag, the federal parliament, later responsible for the likely re-election of Christian-Democrat Angela Merkel as Federal Chancellor. Among the voters are three million young people who exercise for the first time their right to vote in a lesgilativas. “The right to vote is a civil right. For me it is one of the noblest civic obligations in a democracy, “said the German leader, who claimed that the Germans” are going to vote. Do not leave your voice in the hands of others. The coming future of democracy and the future of European are at stake. ”

All the demoscópico polls announce a sure victory of the parties of the Union, Christian Democrats and Christian-Bavarian (CDU / CSU), to the orders of Merkel with a 36% of votes, five points less than four years ago, when the conservatives added a 41.5%. The Social Democrats, who gained 25.7% of votes in 2013, could fall below even their historic low of 23.0%. It is also expected that the Bundestag will enter with even more than 10% of the votes of the Liberals (FDP), who return strongly after an absence legislature after disastrous results four years ago, as well as La Izquierda and Los Verdes, these formations are below a potential 10%, respectively. New in the parliament will be the ultranationalists of the Alternative for Germany (AfD),

The polling place has a cost of 92 million euros, 15 million more than four years ago, although the number of voters has since declined by 400,000. For the friends of the figures, in this election, 88,000 ballot boxes have been distributed in 299 constituencies, where some 650,000 people compose the different counting tables. 30% of the voters have already cast their vote by email, according to a poll on the election, in which a total of 42 political parties participate, although only half a dozen have possibilities of accessing the German lower house. The polls opened at 08.00 in the morning and are scheduled to close at 18.00. The electoral participation four years ago was 71.5%, and similar figures are expected for this occasion.

The Social Democrat candidate Martin Schulz was one of the earliest risers with his wife Inge in the town of Würselen, in North Rhine-Westphalia. “This is the decisive vote,” the ex-president of the European Parliament said sullenly when he introduced his ballot in the polls to a large number of photographers and television cameras. The head of the German government, Angela Merkel, decided to enjoy a quiet morning and is not expected to go to her polling station in Berlin until early afternoon with her husband, discrete scientist Joachim Sauer. Frank Walter Steinmeier came to his polling station in the south of Berlin next morning with his wife, Judge Elke Büdenbender, whom he met when they studied law together.

Complicated negotiations

In addition to the advance of AfD, Angela Merkel could also face difficult negotiations to form a majority of government. The simplest option would be to re-form a broad coalition with the SPD Social Democrats, but the party might prefer to remain in the opposition.

According to the polls, there would only be a CDU-CSU coalition with the FDP and Los Verdes, two parties that however have many differences in issues such as the future of diesel or immigration.

The parties forming the next coalition will be of paramount importance for complex international affairs, such as the reforms of the eurozone, the negotiation of Brexit, the future of the relationship with the U.S under the presidency of Donald Trump or the question of the sanctions against Russia.

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