Play Store ALERT: Uninstall Now From The Phone That 20 Apps

ALERT: Uninstall Now From The Phone These 20 apps are also not available on Google

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Gadget desk Google has removed a lot of apps from Play Store forever for two months. Additionally, Google also advised all Android users to eliminate these apps from their smartphones. According to Google, these apps may have a virus attack on the smartphone. Also, there were many loopholes in these apps with the help of which hackers can access your smartphone. That is, they can steal the essentials of your phone. So if these apps are still on your phone today, then deleting them without hesitation.

– The Apk file of 20 apps Google has removed, but do not install it.

– If you have these apps on the phone, then there may be a virus attack on the phone. Also, your secret details may leak.

– Fraud adds come to these apps. From which the virus gets attacked on the phone.

– All apps that are removed from the Play Store are all Chinese apps.

– Google’s security company found malware in an app called Dubbed Judy.

– All apps deleted from the Play Store were quite popular. Many of these were downloaded for up to 5 million.

Learn about the 20 apps that Google has removed from the Play Store on the next slides …

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