Rickshawley had saved her from suicide, after eight years.

Rickshawley had saved her from suicide, after eight years, the girl owed her something to save the life.


Rickshawley had saved her from suicide Why?

New Delhi, August 21: Some people say that no matter how good they do, but what is available in life is found only there. But by hearing the emotional story of this person running the rickshaw, you will also say that good work is never useless. When we give a beautiful gift to live, we can not know. The Rickshawley driver, named Bablu Sheikh, saved the life of a young girl when she reached the train to commit suicide.

At that time the girl had told Bablu that I never got to meet me and Bablu kept pressing this thing in my chest. After eight years, when Bablu was moaning with the pain on the hospital bed, the same girl returned to the same time with a story that filled all the wounds of Bablu with a shock.

This emotional story is shared by the Facebook user, GMB Akash. Bablu has been running a rickshaw for nearly 30 years.He told that one day a man hired me to leave his young daughter to college.

The person told me to take the girl carefully. I just walked away a few times that I heard the sound of her crying. Then suddenly he ran away from the rickshaw and ran towards the railway track passing by the pass. He is probably going to commit suicide.

First I thought that he is going where he is going, but my heart has not let me go ahead. I planted a Rickshawley on the shore and ran behind the railway track.

I told him to walk there and explain it, but he reprimanded me, saying that he was a fool and stupid. He was crying very loudly. I let her cry so that her heart gets lighter. I was also afraid to leave him alone in this deserted area. For the sake of that poor girl, I stayed there for hours. After this, he told me that the rickshaw lay

When I left the girl to her house, she told me that you would never come here again. The incident had passed more than eight years ago. Once I ran the rickshaw, my accident happened, and I became unconscious. Some people picked me up and took me to the hospital. When I sensed, a girl stood near me. He grabbed my hand and said that why did not I come home again to meet me?

After saying such a thing, I wondered who is this girl in a doctor’s dress. My treatment was going well. I was taken to a prominent doctor. That girl told the doctor that she is my father. On this, the doctor talked with the girl in English. The girl grabbed my hand and said that if my father did not support me at that time then today I could not become a doctor. As I said this girl, I blinded my eyes. At that time I was feeling so happy I could not tell anyone.

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