The latest Whatsapp update Makes An Good effort .

The latest Whatsapp update implements an option that will make it easier to use

It will no longer be necessary to press the microphone to record an audio.

The latest WhatsApp update is going to save the lives of more than one who has run off their finger while recording a voice message. From now on it will not be necessary to keep punching the microphone button to send audio, but it will suffice to open the conversation with the person you want and select the “audio” option.

That will open a new tab in which you must indicate if you want to send a song or a previously recorded audio clip or a new option that has surprised the users of the application. ” Record with Whatsapp” will allow you to record and send the corresponding voice note with a maximum duration of fifteen minutes.

Once the recording is complete, the user will have to click on “Stop” before sending the audio. It doesn’t now know if it will work with the application that transcribes any voice notes, but everything indicates that they can be combined.

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